77 Degrees Lyrics – Mariah The Scientist feat 21 Savage

77 Degrees Lyrics sung by Mariah The Scientist feat. 21 Savage represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is 77 Degrees by Mariah The Scientist.

77 Degrees Lyrics

Seventy-seven degrees in this city tonight
Nothing else up my sleeve, pride and feelings aside

Too many thoughts, too many issues
Too many nights I go deprived
Too many nights without a kiss from you
Won’t even think to say goodnight this time
Let me, let me, let me guess
Know you ain’t alone, you probably with your ex-doll
She thinks it’s current, what a f^^king mess
You, you hit her raw then hit me with a text
“Where the f^^k you at?”
Stirring up commotion, why you worried?
I’m steady popping s^^t I do it well, I
I never asked for much, I know you heard me
I got no problem sliding by myself instead
Having motion
Give it up for love and devotion
I thought it was me that you wanted
I’m caught in the heat of the moment
Seventy-seven degrees (Yeah)

I’m always on your time, yeah
I hope you really mine, I be moving on your, yeah
Okay, arch that back, let me show you how it get
Can’t no pretty boy have you feeling like this
I’m a gangster, she like the way that I choke her when we kiss
I got her taking selfies with the blick
I’m cold-hearted but I still show her love
I ain’t finna share you girl, you know that’s a dub
She say she outside with her friends and it’s up
That good d^^k will make her leave the club
I can’t even hide it, I got feelings for you
Feelings for you
If they ever play you, know I’m drilling for you
Drilling for you
Girl, I got more chopsticks than Tao and Nobu
Cover you in diamonds like a real one ‘posed to
I’m just moving how a real one move
You make my day whenever you send me nudes
Broke your heart a thousand times and you still come through
I’m a FaceTime away, you know I’m coming to

Seventy-seven degrees in this city tonight
Nothing else up my sleeve, pride and feelings aside

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